Why Coaching?

Why Work With A Coach?

Anyone can benefit from having a coach (even coaches have coaches!)

Establishing a partnership with a coach to support you with personal and leadership development is an investment in yourself that will reap many rewards. Just as athletes benefit from professional coaches in honing their athletic skills, a life and leadership coach will be a partner who can provide support, feedback and collaborative problem solving to help you reach your goals – whether those are personal goals about how you live your daily life, or work related goals in how you think and act as a leader in your organization. Each coaching partnership is focused on YOUR needs and goals – each person will gain individual benefits based on what they seek in the relationship.

Leadership coaching is an opportunity to help you discover for yourself how you want to live and work with more presence, joy, happiness, achievement and fulfillment (whatever that looks like for you) and helps you put into place a real plan to make that vision reality . You may or may not hold a formal “leadership role” in your work, however you are the leader of your own life – personal leadership is about how you show up in the world; it is about developing your confidence and curiosity, about creating the change and growth you seek, and engaging deeply in all you do. It can help you understand your own personal power, establish goals and implement real action plans, improve communication in your important relationships, manage stress, inspire you to take on new challenges, and celebrate the big and small accomplishments of your life. Working with a coach puts you in charge of your life.

What is the role of the coach?

Your coach will be a partner in the following ways:

  • Be a trusted confidant who will listen and help you reflect on your experiences; your coach will not be judgmental and won’t “tell you what to do” but will help you explore your own thinking.
  • Provide support and feedback to help you create a vision for your future, set goals and determine a “doable” action plan to achieve your desires.
  • Help you hone your communication skills and develop emotional intelligence; often the most challenging aspect of life and leadership is the ability to manage emotions (in yourself and others), resolve conflict and develop effective, fulfilling relationships. There are specific skills that can be learned and practiced to improve in this area and transform your relationships.
  • Help you think strategically and deliberately about the strategies, resources and tools you may use to get what you want.
  • Hold you accountable to making the changes you seek. Your coach will help you stay on track and will talk with you regularly about moving forward towards your goals and vision.
  • Inspire you to think in new ways, consider new perspectives and generate positive mindset so that you can see with “new eyes.”
  • Push you out of your comfort zone, gently, so that you can move past obstacles or old habits that may be holding you back.
  • Help you celebrate your transformation and accomplishments, both small and large, so that the process of change is encouraging and enjoyable.
  • Your coach will not be a therapist, but can help you consider if other professional resources would be beneficial to your growth.

Why wait?  We can work together one on one, or I can support your organization’s leadership development goals. Let’s talk about what you need to tap your potential and jump start your transformation!