Group Sessions

“Kristen is a dynamic and charismatic leader whose presentation skills reverberate within you, urging you to strive for more, to achieve greater goals, to lift others up.” Anne W.

Active Group Sessions  

Every leader knows the critical importance of having cohesive, high performing teams and the positive impact a strong team can have on not only the goals you are trying to accomplish, but also on the morale, engagement and vitality of your work culture.  High performing teams are made up of members who are emotionally intelligent, skilled communicators who have a clear sense of purpose and an understanding of  their own ability to move positive change forward. Bringing teams together for group experiences that help them connect around these key factors develops trust and shared understanding which serve as a foundation for the work that must be done. Invest in yourself and your team and watch your organization reap the benefits!

Group sessions will be adapted to your needs and will always be interactive. If desired, group work can be based on assessments such as DiSC, StrengthsFinder and others to provide shared vocabulary, enhance interaction and engagement or to build on previous sessions. Topics to consider include the following, however don’t hesitate to share another desired topic and I can create what you need! Send an inquiry on the “Contact Me” page and we’ll talk about the best approach for your team. Group sessions can be followed up with individual coaching sessions as needed to focus on the development of individual team members. Also, watch for community opportunities to join other like-minded people from other organizations and work to improve your own performance as you build a network of people also committed to improving their performance in business and life!

  • Building a Culture of Resilience: Personal and Organizational Resilience Practices
  • Improve Performance with Sustainable Change
  • Building a Success Mindset: Unleashing Your Potential and Taking Action
  • Handling Difficult Conversations and Managing Conflict
  • Leadership Strategies for New Leaders/Leadership Strategies for Women
  • Becoming a Mindful and Resilient Leader
  • The Art and Science of Giving Effective Feedback
  • Effective Communication and Relationship Building
  • Hitting Reset: Strategies to Reduce Overwhelm, Ease Burnout and Find Balance
  • Managing Up, Down and All-around: Improving Work Relationships
  • Leading Teams (and yourself) Through Transition and Change
  • Creating a Leadership Vision and Philosophy
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence to Thrive in Relationship
  • Establishing Your Path: Goal Setting and Personal Leadership Vision
  • Developing Your Brand and Finding Your Niche
  • Leading for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion