Higher Ed. Support

“So encouraging and motivational! As a hopeful administrator, this session informed my leadership ability and that of those in my organization. I appreciated the authenticity of the presenter and the real life applications.”  (Participant in a Higher Ed. Leadership Resilience session)
“Kristen’s presentation on guided pathways was accessible and comprehensive.  Her talk provided an effective springboard for further campus conversations on the model.” (Sr. Student Affairs administrator)
“Knowing she spent so many years in higher ed. means I know she really ‘gets it.’ Her vulnerability in sharing personal stories and her ability to relate concepts to everyday life was a game-changer in terms of being able to really use this back at the office.” (community college employee)

Higher Education Speaking, Consulting & Coaching:

The challenges of developing and supporting your leadership team on a college campus are real. Working in an academic world is different than corporate America; the training and development you invest in should reflect the unique challenges of issues such as shared governance, system oversight and accreditation, academic tradition, and public discourse that continually pressure your work.  My talks resonate with higher education audiences because I combine “on the ground” higher education experience with motivational content and proven executive coaching skills to offer engaging, interactive talks for professional development events for both small and large groups.

Grow your campus leaders’ skills in communication and conflict resolution, leading campus change, building effective cross-functional teams, personnel management and other critical areas by engaging group/team experiences as well as by retaining 1:1 coaching for your established or emerging leaders.

I bring three decades of experience in community colleges, and have served as a Chief Academic Officer, Chief Student Affairs Officer, tenured Professor of Communication, senior lead for diversity and equity efforts and student affairs practitioner. My broad knowledge of current issues impacting higher education including campus reform initiatives, accreditation, assessment, curriculum development, academic advising and student retention, shared governance and faculty development, allows me to provide insightful support for you and your team. My certification in executive coaching techniques and expertise in human communication including interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, group dynamics, leadership and equity practices prepares me to support campus members in developing new skills that can be applied immediately on your campus.