Kristen Fragnoli

Hi there!

I am so excited that you found me here and are interested in learning more. My guess is that you are seeking change and growth and a new way of being in your work, your business, your relationships or your life (am I right?) This is the quest that we all share – that deep desire to fulfill our potential and to live in a way that illuminates and taps our talents and gifts so we can reach the goals and dreams we set for ourselves – whatever those might be. Through my own reflection and search for purpose, I realize that my entire career has been dedicated to supporting and guiding others as they transform their lives (even as I have been transforming myself!) and create the outcomes they want. I would be honored to support you or your organization on the quest to grow your leadership capacity, to connect deeply to yourself and others and find more achievement, connection and resilience in work and in life. I know I am happiest and “most alive” when I deeply connect to others to help them see and take hold of their own possibility! We all have within us exactly what we need to courageously pursue our deepest desires and to live in a way that feels meaningful. We are all naturally resilient and powerful, yet in this crazy, chaotic world it can sometimes be difficult to understand, trust and activate our own knowledge and power. When we tap our own potential, not only do we shift our own lives, we help our workplaces and our communities thrive. You don’t have to do it alone.

How can I help?

Whether you hold a formal role as a “leader” or not, you are the leader of your own life! I have made my own “significant transitions” in life, so I get it  – I understand the value of having a trusted, knowledgeable confidant and coach. We will use proven co-active executive coaching techniques and, if desired, helpful assessments to move you towards success as you define it.

I am a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) with three decades of experience as a leader, facilitator, teacher and speaker. After many years in higher education helping others learn and grow, I have learned that developing positive relationships is essential to foster personal development and transformation; meaningful relationship building is the central tenet in my approach to coaching. I am certain that everyone does indeed have the potential to find the knowledge, courage and passion to pursue their best selves in all aspects of their lives.  I want to help others find clarity about what they want, learn practical strategies to set and achieve goals, develop emotional intelligence and resilience, and find balance and joy in their own quest for growth. I have particular experience and passion to support women as they rise as leaders, and in equipping all leaders with the skills to effectively create positive organizational change. With a master’s degree in Human Communication, I have expertise in interpersonal communication skills, conflict management, leadership development, team effectiveness and diversity, equity and inclusion. I have worked with individuals and organizations, including colleges, to assist with the unique leadership challenges present in those contexts.

Let’s Talk!

Contact me and we can discuss your goals and vision and how I can help you or your team develop the leadership and life skills to improve performance and create meaningful progress towards your goals. I can’t wait to work with you!

Kristen M. Fragnoli

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