Coaching Programs

“I appreciated Kristen’s authenticity, She effectively helped me address personal and professional development issues.”
“I began recognizing, acknowledging and changing my ‘barrier behaviors.’ It was motivating and valuable.”
“This helped me ‘just start’ and helped to deepen my understanding of myself and how I want to lead.”
“Gave me the reinforcement to push me back on my path…and move forward with a clearer mind and real strategies.”
“Thank you for a strengths-based approach…you helped me embrace my truest self. Magical.”

Improve your performance; get the outcomes you are seeking. Maximize your leadership performance.

Individual coaching starts with a brief, free conversation about your goals and how I can help. We decide together how to proceed and how to achieve your desired outcomes.  Investing in yourself by working with a coach is the first breakthrough you will have in taking real action towards your own personal and professional growth; whether you are seeking new skills, support as you grow as a leader, strategies to manage stress, clarity about next steps for your career or life, or want a confidant who will provide support and reflection, connecting with a coach is a strategic way to begin!  Tap into your own leadership potential using a holistic approach that uses proven assessments and co-active coaching techniques. Read my article “Why Work with a Coach” (click on “Why Coaching”) to learn more about what to expect from the relationship. 1:1 sessions can be done in person, by telephone or by Skype and I will respond to email correspondence between sessions for quick feedback. As we work together, you may receive supplemental materials selected for you including “homework” activities, reflection/writing prompts and recommended reading.

Breakthrough To a New Way of Thinking

Give yourself the boost you need to gain insight and clarity about yourself and what is happening in your life and leadership; taking this first step is your first breakthrough!  Set priorities and goals and establish action steps that align with your desired results. Discover what is holding you back from achieving what you want, explore tools, resources and strategies available to set you on a new path towards what you want. This first step will make ALL the difference!  Gain clarity about where you want to make real change in your life and work and get started on the quest.


Activate Your Potential and Clear Your Path

After setting goals and gaining clarity, discover and dismantle obstacles in your way such as mindset, limiting beliefs, burnout, or interpersonal challenges. By feeling connected to your purpose and understanding your strengths and values, you can find clarity and take meaningful action to make progress toward your goals. Feel empowered, energized, capable and motivated! Stop wishing and start acting. Get support, connect to your true self, explore options, empower yourself to act and perform at your best.


Maximize Your Leadership Influence and Create Sustainable Change

Once solidly grounded in awareness of your goals, values and vision, enhance emotional and social  intelligence to lead with positive influence and clarity. Using co-active executive coaching techniques,better manage relationships in your team, resolve conflict effectively and maximize engagement and performance towards your desired outcomes. Practice specific, proven leadership strategies to reach the next level in your career and in your leadership effectiveness.


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